Our Process

In the modern online digital environment, most businesses have automated their functions to increase operational efficiencies. Apart from accounts and inventories control and some aspects of financial management, one of the key areas that have seen this trend is the hiring process. This is very essential as any hiring process can trigger a flood of applications that requires HR managers to sift through reams of paperwork and email in the quest for the right candidate.

Given this scenario, it is small wonder that online job portals are today at the centre of the hiring process, regardless of whether it is a large corporation or a small business or start-up. Hence it is necessary that there be awareness about this radical shift from traditional hiring processes and applications from job aspirants. This is what our blog site http://www.naluengjob.com seeks to do.

On our blog site which is dedicated to job portals, you will find news, views and information on how to go through the online job application process. Now there are basically two sides to it.

First, it is from the perspective of the job applications. Our blogs will throw light on how to go about it, what points to focus on and how to ensure that your application gets noticed by the recruiter. For instance in the ATS hiring software, your application might not get picked up if you do not fill all the fields. This and much more can be had from our site.

The second angle is from the view of the recruiter. Our site will have tips from HR managers on how to make good use of job portals, how to notify vacancies and how to follow up with potential candidates.

In short our blog site will be of immense benefit to both the applicant and the recruiter. Browse our blogs on various subjects related to the niche of job portals and you will surely pick up useful nuggets of information.